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With an eclectic group of seasoned professionals with experience across industries, we thrive on telling stories authentic to your brand.

Meet the Founder

Jeffrey Tousey

Jeffrey Tousey is the Founder and CEO of Beekman Social. Prior to founding Beekman Social he was the Social Media Director at Vanity Fair. While at Vanity Fair he spearheaded social strategy for the magazine, website, and tent-pole events like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and New Establishment Summit. His most notable work includes #CallMeCaitlyn, Caitlyn Jenner’s debut on Vanity Fair’s cover. Since Beekman Social’s launch in 2018, the agency has been featured in the New York Times, WWD, Wall Street Journal, AdWeekly, and others.

Meet the Core Team

Tucker Bellingrath
Account Director

I was a freshman in high school when Facebook hit the mainstream. It was from that point that I watched my own relationship evolve over the years with social media; devouring the content in front of my eyes. Jumping into the publishing world as the book was closed on print and fully moved to digital, I've always looked at content through a social first lens. As an Account Director at Beekman Social, I have the unique role of overseeing both client relationships and strategy implementation, giving me the ability to foster both from start to finish.

Sarah Tosques
Creative Director

Coming from a Fine Arts background, I approach my craft from a unique perspective. I love pulling inspiration from unexpected places to create work that helps businesses stand out beyond their category.

McArthur Joseph
Senior Manager, Creative

As a child of the Myspace era, I've been lucky to see the digital sphere in all its iterations. I use my keen eye (and ear) for impactful content that transcends platforms and demographics. My deep passion for community stems from building strong connections online and wanting those voices/talents to be appreciated.

Kendra Gaylord
Senior Paid Social Strategist

I’ve spent a lot of time in the digital space, starting at an ad agency, then publishers, and then e-commerce startups. I love solving problems and running paid media does that. Solving “how do I get people to notice?” through smart paid media strategies.

Taylor Shelly
Senior Producer

My whole life has been part of the Social Experiment - from growing up as talent in commercials to working on 13 television pilots in 3 years to expanding into the creative development and digital space. This melting pot of creative experiences coupled with my love for logistics has proven that there is no vision too big to achieve. My mission is to be one step ahead in creating content that transcends time and speaks to diverse audiences through dynamic visuals and infectious energy.

Team Offerings

Creative Strategy

With an assortment of strategy savants and design gurus, our creative strategy team applies the storytelling principles of character, setting, conflict, plot, and theme to connect and engage consumers in the social media space and beyond.


These visionaries are equipped to handle high-end fashion shoots or thumb-stopping Instagram stories; they’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life and make you laugh while doing it.

Accounts &
Business Development

Our accounts team is on the frontlines making sure your voice is heard, the project is on track, and you are up to date on how the industry is evolving— all the while staying authentic to your brand.