The Beekman Social Expedition

Finding your North Star


We take the time to immerse ourselves in your brand, study your audience, and analyze the market, creating a roadmap that directs us to achieve your business objectives. Or, as we like to call it, finding your North Star.


The social strategy will act as our compass for the brand’s presence across their digital ecosystem and be the reference point for all content created and curated.

The Playbook

The blueprint of your brand’s digital presence. The document that’s ever-evolving and elevating your brand.

We Ask

We Listen

We Analyze

We Collaborate

We Develop

We tell it:

Continue with us, and together we will begin creating, integrating, and engaging on behalf of your brand, ultimately becoming an extension of your team.

You tell it:

We give you the tools and training to use your playbook as the ultimate guide to enhance your brand’s story.


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